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September 3, 2011
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(Contains: strong language)
His eyes burned when he opened them, like they had been shut for years, and he was simply taking them out of storage. He rubbed them with the heels of his palms and blinked a few times. Tavros made a small noise, looking around the small, but brightly colored room. There was a small end table near his bed, with a small cubby and a drawer. On top of the table, there was a medium size, tacky lamp, and a small purple notepad with a ball point pen. Tavros tried to swing his legs over the side of the bed, feeling numb beneath his waist, before looking down and remembering why he was here. He tried to forget again, but he kept seeing the woman's face, Vriskas face. She was standing over him, smiling cruelly, the old nails grasped in her hands. He pushed the images out of his head, and swallowed his irrational fears. She wasn't here, she can't hurt him. He kept his mind busy, looking around the room, seeing his tinker bull plush by the edge of the bed. He grabbed it, hugging it to his chest and sighing. He stared at the cheap, generic oil paintings on the walls for a while. There was a barn, with a few cows, and a lighthouse. Looking to the other side of the room, he was surprised to fin a man in the bed next to his.

He was heavily restrained with multiple straps over his torso and legs, keeping his arms flat out from him, making a 'T' shape. He wore face paint, and had curly hair, reminding Tavros of a clown. Perhaps one he had seen in a horror movie. His head was lolled to the side, looking at Tavros quizzically.

"so." the man rasped, making the younger boy jump. ''where are your…motherfucking legs?"  Tavros stayed silent, pressing his face into tinker bulls back. "you ain't gonna answer are ya?" He shook his head, and jumped when the man laughed. He sounded like a hyena.

"That was an answer." he chuckled, "bro." Tavros looked up at him.

"b-bro?" he  questioned quietly, tilting his head at the man next to him.

"Names Gamzee. Gamzee Makara, you?" he smiled, a toothy grin, cracking the dry paint on his face.

"u-um, I'm, uh, Tavros. Nitram, uh, Mr. Makara." Gamzee frowned at

"Just Gamzee."

"oh.. okay" Tav said weakly. He looked down shyly not exactly feeling very social at the moment. His legs…
He started becoming lost in thought again. Then, the door to there room swung open with slam as a small dark haired nurse charged into the door. Tavros jumped at the sound of the wooden opening making contact with the hard dry wall.

"oops" the nurse said softly to her self as she shut the door behind her. There was a noticeable crack in the colorful walls now from that.

"Hey, how're you mother fucking doing today" Gamzee grinned as he looked over to towards the female,

"Hello Gamzee" she returned the grin with her smile, her two front teeth stuck out as started talking. "I'm fine, how are you and your new roommate?"

"Oh, that motherfucker" he looked over at Tav again with the same grin, "ah he's great. He doesn't like to talk much though. Kind of a bummer."

"You know he's right next to you?" she said as she flipped through her charts,

"Yeah I know." He then looked over at him with the same grin he gave to the nurse, "but I don't think he can motherfucking hear me. He has that spacey look on his face."

"He's new here, let him adjust I'm pretty sure he'll start talking to you." The nurse said as she walked over to Tav. She set her hand on his shoulder gently "Mr. Nitram?"

He then snapped back to reality, "uhh yes." Tavros looked up at her.

"Hi, I'm going to be your nurse. My name is Jade if you need anything." She said warmly

Tavros nodded in agreement, and watched the nurse write something down smiling.

"well Tavros, when you feel ready, I can have another nurse take you around the hospital and help you become familiar with the place. Would that be alright for you?" Tavros nodded, not finding the correct words to say, and laying his head back on tinker bull.

"great, he'll be here in a few moments, to give you a bit of time to relax. It looks like you just woke up, am I right?" He made a noise of agreement, before Gamzee spoke up.

"you sleep pretty motherfucking hard, bro. I threw some shit at you and you kept on snoring." Tavros looked questioningly at Gamzee, looking for a spot in the straps and restraints where he would be able to move freely. There was none.


"He has hallucinations. Don't worry, he's not a bad guy, when you get to know him." Jade laughed. Gamzee laughed his hyena laugh with her.

"Got that right doc. I can be one chill as fuck motherfucker." he smiled contently, sinking into his bed and jacket. Tavros blinked at him. He decided to let it go. He was in this hospital too, after all. After making sure both boys were comfortable, The nurse left, leaving them alone. Tavros sat on his bed awkwardly for a moment, before the man occupying the bed next to his began to speak. Gamzee rambled on and on to him, telling him everything from why he was here- uncontrollable hallucinations, some of them seemed rather frightening to Tavros, but Gamzee assured him, that 'a lot of those motherfuckers just need to chill and talk there problems out, bro.'- to his favorite movie-Ironically, it was 'It' and Tavros quietly assumed that's why he wore face paint- and Tavros managed to listen to every word, giving minimal feedback, but making sure Gamzee was aware he was listening, not just blowing off everything he says. Nurse Jade was right, Gamzee was a pleasant person to be around, albeit not child appropriate, but he was still very nice.

"So," Gamzee concluded, turning his full attention to Tavros,  who's arms had loosened around tinker bull, feeling slightly more comfortable up until that. "what's your mother fucking story?" Tavros looked down, wondering whether or not to stay silent, for fear of loosing his composure but, since Gamzee had shared- and shared, and shared, he might add- he figured he might as well also. He was frightened, but it was common courtesy, right?

"u-uh, well, I'm seventeen and-"

"You look too mother fucking young for your age." Gamzee interrupted, smiling a bit. "It's kinda mother fucking cute."  Tavros blushed.

"o-oh, uh, t-thank you ah." the comment had caught him off guard. He was cute? Gamzee, who he had just met, had called him cute. He had mixed emotions on this and tried to focus more on vocalizing his story, then being called cute, and managed to speak again.

"I, lived with my step sister. She ah, well, she took care of me, very well, I should add. I know she had a lot of stress with work, and all, and maybe I was just a bit much to handle for her, but she ah used too, um," He began to tear up. he struggled fighting against his emotions, and failing. He took a few deep breathes, managing to calm himself a bit, but still feeling the waves of fear and depression wash over him.

"when I, uh, I supposed I became difficult to deal with any other way, she would, u-um She put nails in my legs. As a punishment, like I said. And ah, it went on for a long while." He  lost control of his emotions, feeling hot tears fall down his cheeks, wiping them away with the back of his hands. He Buried head face in tinker bulls back, he tried to collect himself, embarrassed that he was beginning to fall apart in front of a relative stranger. He barely glanced up when he heard an odd sound, half metal, half cloth, shifting and straining, but when he did, he saw Gamzee's hand, stretched out toward him.

"damn…" he heard him mutter, stretching his hand slightly farther toward him. After taking a second to debate whether or not he should, he leaned and stretched his hand out toward Gamzee's taking it gently.  For a while after that, he felt warm.
written part UNO of HopstialStuck!
featuring Gam/Tav!!

Collab AU with :iconromantic-vandalism:

OPENING PT 1: [link]
chapter 1 comic: [link]

chapter 3 comic: [link]

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